Jan 16, 2013

Writing a Summary of Your Year

Whether I am occupied with mindfulness of repetitive tasks or emptiness, it seems everyday is so mundane that there is no sense of extraordinary or extravagance. However, when I seat down with my full attention and trace the events and incidents retrospectively throughout the year, I become to be aware that this year was quite a fruitful one after all. Maybe this is one of the most rewarding aspect of keeping my diary for 20 years. Every year, beginning of the new dawn, I will write a brief summary of my past year. For those who are not interested in writing a diary, writing a summary of your year, just a page, would be quite a remarkable and unexpected experience than what you would have thought. You will be surprised how many things you have done for the first time, how many events have happened in your life and your family, how many places and restaurants you have visited and so on. Trace back to celebrate what you have done, and gear up to accommodate what is waiting for you to venture.  [KP]