Mar 3, 2012

A Mindful Room to Spare

One of luxurious moments in my life is quite banal. I say that because I often create that moment,  buying flowers for others. We are living a life with severe competitions, stressful and, yet, trivial matters. As one in a desert, trying to survive up against a severe environment. However, once in a blue moon, an oasis will appear to quench the thirst, and remind us the joy of life. Giving and receiving flowers are just like encountering an oasis in a desert. Flowers quench our thirsty mind, cure our wounded soul. Useless plant, a cheap trick for girls or a waste of money they might be, could bring overjoyed moment instantaneously.  Of course, it is only a remedy for temporary. However, for buying flowers, something you ought to have, a state of mind: a mindful room to spare. Whoever lives their lives truthfully, you find them happy and content with their mindful rooms to spare with others. Moreover, these people are acting upon towards their goals and dreams, some might even have already fulfilled theirs. A secret to a success, is not to have more money or more time, but how much mindful rooms you have to spare. [KP]

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