May 30, 2012

Live in the Moment

Once my friend who was living in New York City sadly said that it is such a tough thing to find real friends in New York. She said it to me considering me as a real friend when I was about to leave New York in 2006. I could not have empathy with her because it was not the case for me. Now, I am living in Los Angeles, which is a big city as New York, I sort of understood what she had meant by that comment. Still, it is not the case for me, but I felt it through my friends around me. People come and go in a big city. It is understandable that people are hesitated or disinterested to commit themselves to any sort of relationship with someone who they probably would never meet again in their lives.  However, as I sincerely believe, one has to live in the moment. A shallow and superficial relationship or friendship is a sign that one does not live one’s life; after the moment is gone, there is nothing to remember. It is just blank. That is, melancholically, not a life.  [KP]

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