May 10, 2012


Relationship is such a fragile-delicate, yet lovable thing that everyone handles everyday.  We hear so many stories about broken relationship among friends, husbands and wives, friends, business partners, and even countries. It is such a complicated and interrelated web in which you cannot foresee when and where you get things wrong. However, we should not feel hopeless or miserable since there is a remedy for every braking relationship. That is “communication” with an open mind. When there is even a subtle signal of a crack on the relationship, we need to face it first, to identify the problem second, then to communicate and find a solution. For communication, we need to be fully aware that being truthful to yourself is crucial.   Because without that, owing other’s trust is quite impossible to achieve in real sense. It is because a superficial concern or an ersatz sincerity will not even touch or amend damaged feelings. It could be more likely an insulting. Do not fear the confrontation; do not hesitate to take an initiative. A great relationship is hard to maintain, but it is even harder to get by. Take a good care of it. Do not take it granted or be casual about it. It is dear to our soul, and it is our life, itself. [KP]


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