May 15, 2012


‘People are most aware of their stereotyping when they have no information. When given information that confirms to their beliefs and the individual case observed, people become less aware of their tendency to stereotype and therefore more likely to engage in stereotyping.’ This statement, which is extracted from my GRE test prep textbook, accurately explains my thoughtless, general and yet stereotyped comments regarding Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Americans. For describing cultural difference and peoples’ behavior of these countries, I seem to mindlessly apply this logic just because I have confirmed my beliefs and observed individual case in these counties. Ironically, it is exactly something that I would dispute, or even disrespect. Stereotyping is never a justifiable description when you are a subject to be labeled. I believe that when people stop applying stereotyping to others, this world would be truly globalized and borderless, physically and mentally. I would love to be someone to work on it silently. [KP]

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